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Our core competences are at internet solutions. Internet is a way of thinking and doing for us. By internet we can control the requirements for business and communication set by modern life style.

To produce high quality internet solutions it is necessary to understand our partner's production environment throughoutly. Our strength lies in comprehensive knowledge of industrial processes that require high realtime performance and application of high quality standards. Experience in software developement for different branches of industry helps us fluently adapt to new processes and to learn it's special characteristics.

As technology is evolving it gives us oppurtunities to produce more efficient and user friendly solutions. Continuous updating of our knowledge is very important to us. It is one of our first priorities to keep our knowledge of current software technologies up to date.

Fast internet connections enable us to provide fluent and flexible services. We update our servers frequently in order to guarantee high quality service level to our clients. We improve our functionality of our services by optimizing database usage and by designing our user interfaces light and easy to use

We publish user friendly and highly maintainable internet solutions and services. As we focus on our core competences, we rely on our partners to supply us with core infrastructural services.

Software development

A strong area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise includes database and application development for embedded systems. ActiveSoft has focused on the Internet operating in a Java-based software such as booking systems and webshops.

- Oracle
- SQLServer

Our expertise covers the programming, for example C, C++, C#, VisualBasic, Delphi, Java (J2EE), Jdeveloper, Javascript, PL/SQL, Microsoft ASP, .NET, XML, XSLT, PLM language, Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. 

ActiveSoft Oy has produced a production planning system for Lumon Ltd. which is based in modern internet technologies. You can plan your production in real time. Multilayer architecture makes it possible to do planning anywhere and anytime.