ActiveSoft Oy


We offer tools that work in real time. These tools offer a modern way to work and makes it easier to get the most out of company's resources. Broader client base and higher customer satisfaction are results that we can offer with our tools. All these things mean that company's profitability gets better.


Internet solutions are a modern way of thinking and doing. Internet technologies provide the means to work in real time independent of time, place and device.

Partnerships in customer relationships give best profitability for all participants. We focus on our core competence and our strong partnerships make it possible that we can deliver projects well and in time. Knowing our customer's operational environment is crucial that we can offer technological solutions that don't feel technical.


ActiveSoft Oy started business in May 2001. In August 2001 we made contract with Lumon Oy to build interned based factory information system with Järvi-Suomen Ohjelmapalvelu. Julius Booking System was orginally developed in 2001 based on local city administration needs. In last few years our focus has been more around Julius and our goal is to make it the best booking system around. Since 2001 we have delivered up to date versions of Julius each year. Moreover, there are constant updates on Julius bases on new features suggested by our customers.


Whatever we do in our businesswe are open and trustworthy to our customers, partners, employees and officials.


For being innovative you must have an overall vision about the new developments and progress surrounding. Living and participanting in real-time internet world we look for latest internet technologies and solutions that can help our customers to succeed.


Humbleness to learn and implement new technologies for ourselves is our strength and key to survival. We want to work with our customers and partners by being friendly and easy to work with so that wecan learn for each other.