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  The power of co-operation

     For us the customer is the most important asset. We make sure our customers get the added value that they expect from our Internet
     services. We work hard to ensure that the delivered software services are easy to operate and improve the quality and efficiency of
     our customers processes.

   Software development
    Booking system
    Webshop     Via Appia

A strong area of ​​expertise includes database and application development for embedded systems. ActiveSoft has focused on the Internet operating in a Java-based software such as booking systems and webshops.

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Book rooms, items and services conveniently through the Internet. Save time and money - the staff's time is freed up charges of receiving the customer service.

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Save time and money by serving a larger number of customers. Customers can purchase products from around the clock. You can inform the offers, and events directly online.

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Via Appia is a web portal where you can observe your well-being and health using different web applications.

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